At Gary's Action Shots, we believe in what  we do and our photographs show it.  As a Sports Photographer, I strive to capture the essence of the sport through the eyes of the fans during the action of the game.  It is my intent to capture those moments that show off the players focus, intensity, and most importantly, their enjoyment while playing their sport.  Sports Photography is what Gary's Action Shots is all about. 

What better way is there than to have your athlete's outstanding play captured with a magazine quality action shot photograph?  While team photo day pictures are nice, they just simply don't capture that focus, intensity, and desire that is exemplified on the field.  

 Before now, Sports Photography was only available if you were lucky enough to make it into the local newspaper.  Even then, being able to get that photo was virtually impossible.   As a Sports Photographer I can now make these images available to you to hang on your wall or to take up permanent residence on top of the television or on your desk at the office with a simple click of a mouse.

Let everyone know that there is a Sports Photographer who can make those special moments last forever with an Action Shot that you can be proud of.   Now you can share those precious photographs with the entire family and friends through our website.  

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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